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 Strategic waterproofing in and around your home will increase the value of your property and limit inconveniences that may arise from unsightly damp problems, writes Roxzanne van Eyk.
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I must congratulate you as our legal team, and we are extremely proud to be associated with you and your respective organisations. We realise that the decisions taken yesterday must have been taxing on yourselves, but with your knowledge and honesty we have managed to expose the arbitrator and the attorney...

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Do you need help with conflict resolution?

Baobab has successfully helped their clients settle issues without incurring any legal fees or litigation! We step in to mediate at any stage of the home building process to ensure your home is completed without delay.

Contact us to resolve your conflict quickly.

Professional Building Consulting Service.

  • Do you need conflict resolution for your home building hitches?
  • Do you need mediation services that provide quick, easy results?
  • Do you need protection from the poor technical and unethical behaviour of homebuilders?
  • Are you trying to manage the building and builder?

South African company, Baobab, offers you a helping hand with contract management and/or mediation and conflict resolution services to support you through any home building delays or setbacks.

We protect you against any poor technical and unethical homebuilders because we specialise in contract management, dispute resolution and mediation services for both the homeowner and the contractor.

Have you experienced any of the following whilst building your home?

  • Your homebuilder is not performing, yet he is pressurising you into paying more money.
  • You are not getting the quality of workmanship you expected.
  • The construction is taking longer than agreed and is not even close to completion.
  • You keep getting promises but nothing is happening.
  • The builder has run off without finishing the job.

Baobab can manage on your behalf or assist you with:

  • the negotiation of your building contract;
  • the issuing of your tender documents or contracts;
  • the negotiations with tendering builders;
  • the awarding of the contract on your behalf and
  • the management of the site.

I am the Chairperson of a Sectional Title Complex. We have had complex structural/building issues as well as conflict with one of the owners. Baobab's advice and guidance, their knowledge and experience has been absolutely invaluable. They are prompt, informed, practical, and dispense advice on many different nuances involved in structures. They are absolutely trustworthy, do not require any hand-holding, and are indispensible to a matter in which we are currently involved. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in relation to building/structural and ancillary issues.

Heather Durr

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Why use Baobab for hassle free home building?
There are very few other companies who have the same experience and expertise in housing dispute negotiation. We also offer a full range of other home building services, from which you can choose, to save you time, effort and money – ensuring hassle free building and peace of mind.