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House & Home Inspections

Are you thinking of buying a house?

If you buy a home and several contentious issues remain undisclosed at the point of sale, or were deliberately concealed from you, you have the right of action against the seller.

Let us find the "hidden" problems for you and advise you on your rights!

Baobab highly recommend our home inspections - called our "housing medical" - to reveal any issues or objects in the home about which you need to be aware.

Baobab gives you both a written and photographic report, which could allow you to:

  • Withdraw from the contract,
  • Get the price reduced or
  • Get the seller to repair the items.

At least you will know that there are no hidden problems with the house.

Building Inspection

Are you thinking of selling your home?

Did you know you must disclose any serious problems in your home and you cannot rely upon the "voetstoots" clause of your sale agreement?

Contact us for one of our home inspections so that you are not held liable for any serious problems!

What will a home inspection do for you?
  • show your house with a clean bill of health,
  • justify your sale price and
  • absolve you of any potential future claims.

Baobab can identify and cost the problems for you, which will then allow you to:

  • justify your sale price with the disclosure
  • absolve you of the repairs
  • absolve you of any future claims
"At least after Peter's medical I know what faults existed and I was still happy to proceed with the sale" (T.D. Midrand)