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Building Trouble Shooting Articles by Peter Allsop

"This column is brought to you by Peter Allsopp, former MD of the National Home Builders Registration Council, who is now in private practice providing trouble shooting services to Home Owners who are in dispute with their Builders, and sometimes vice versa.

The column will show the many pitfalls that Home Owners and builders experience, how to avoid them or what to do if suffering from them." Business Day

Article one - Builder's initial quotations
Business Day: 4 March 2005

Article two - Building Without approved plans
Business Day: 18 March 2005

Article three - Latent defects in existing homes
Business Day: 8 April 2005

Article four - In trouble with the Council
Business Day: 22 April 2005

Article five - Progress payments on building projects
Business Day: May 2005

Article six - How to find a good builder
Business Day: May 2005

Article seven - Problems with sectional title bought off plan.
Business Day: May 2005

Developers and Sectional Title Projects Articles by Peter Allsop

Sectional Title brings you a new perspective on developments. Peter Allsopp is owner of Baobab Consultants a company specializing in trouble shooting problems between consumers and home builders. Peter was formerly the designer and founding Managing Director of the National Home Builders Registration Council, so he should know most of what there is to know about the problems experienced by new home buyers when they purchase that most important asset, their new home. Sectional Title Magazine

Article 1 - Contracts and building specifications
Sectional Title Magazine: 5 April 2005

Article 2 - being messed around by developers
Sectional Title Magazine: 2005

Article 4 - Illegal Practises in Developing Sectional Title Projects
Sectional Title Magazine: 2005

Article 5 - Questions and Answers
Sectional Title Magazine: 2005

Buying Sectional Title Off Plans article by Roxzanne van Eyk

Watertight Solutions
Business Day: 27 May 2005