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Q –How much do your services cost, at Baobab?

A – We charge in one of two ways

1. New Builder contracts

If you choose any of the following services

  • House design
  • Contract administration
  • Site management

We charge a highly competitive percentage of the contract value, depending upon the complexity of the project. 

2. Existing Housing, dispute resolution and general services

We charge very attractive hourly rates – making sure we provide you with a timesheet reflecting all our time spent on your project.

Our time is your money well spent!

Contact us for a quote.

Q- Why use Baobab for dispute resolution?

A – Unless you are prepared for the stress, the time and the costs of the legal process, you need a conciliation/mediation service that can provide quick easy results

There are very few companies who have the same experience and expertise in housing dispute negotiation and no one who has the same background of consumer protection and building technology.

Q – What is the difference between arbitration and conciliation?

A – Arbitration is a formal dispute resolution process.  It has to follow the practices and procedures as laid down by the Arbitration Act and is performed by an Arbitrator who levies fees as laid down by the Act.

Our conciliation/mediation process is a lot faster than the Arbitration Act and is thus a lot cheaper!  Our service is then more appropriate for the size of domestic, residential units, although arbitration and litigation can still follow our conciliation.

Arbitration and litigation very rarely follow our conciliation service as we tend to achieve a fair and objective enough result to resolve any dispute!

Let us mediate for you to achieve a quick and fair result!

Q – Should I have a proper building contract drawn up?

A – Yes, Yes, Yes! We cannot emphasise enough how important this is. Most disputes arise because the parties involved have contracted just using a quotation that is too simple.

No building or construction should happen without entering into a proper contract.  There are performance/non-performance clauses, no proper specifications, nothing to judge the extras and credits on and much more.

At Baobab, our research and experience mean that we include the necessary clauses and tailor the contract to your needs so that you are protected.  Our contract has been accepted by homeowners and builders alike as fair and reasonable to both parties

Q – Must I employ Baobab to provide the full range of building services?

A – No, whilst we offer a complete range of services so that you need look no further for peace of mind,  you are in no way obligated to choose more than those services you need.

Think of it as a menu from which you can select only the services YOU need.

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